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Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Who Is Excited About The New Website That's About To Launch!

We are in the final phase of the new website, and it's going to launch very soon. I hope you all like it. We can't wait to get things up and running. 

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Monday, 20 June 2016

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Tuesday, 17 May 2016

What Would You Do If Your Neighbour Watch Gypsies Steal Your Parcel Then Left This Harsh Note

As shared on Imgur -A certain individual name Malcolm witness his neighbours' parcel delivered by their gate get stolen by gypsies but made no attempt to stop the them because his neighbours are not nice. This is really deep Mr Malcolm -You could have at least look past your neighbours shortcomings and save their parcel. Smh  Maybe we should be more nicer generally. All you scornful neighbours watch your, your neighbour my pull a Malcolm on you. lol

Monday, 16 May 2016

Adenike Kikelomo Ajoke A Nigerian Socialite Faints As She Walks Into Her Surprise 50th Birthday Party

A Nigerian socialite Adenike Kikelomo was overwhelmed with emotion as she walk in into her surprise 50th birthday. She was surprised by the massive turn-out, but the display only lasted less than 4 minutes before as her friends quickly rush to the celebrant to stop her display. We heard she had a nice time afterwards. 

More pictures after cut.

Nigerians Can Now Spot The Difference Between APC And PDP. PDP Is The Right Choice For Nigerians -David Mark

Former Senate President and PDP top dog in response to the fuel subsidy removal he stresses that Nigerians can see that PDP is the best party for them. -Is he serious? He needs to apologise for this insult on our intelligence.

“Nigerians can now spot the difference. The PDP is still the right choice. Therefore, we must respond positively and ultimately return the nation to the path of glory,” he said, in a statement by his media aide, Paul Mumeh.

Davido's Baby Mother Was Bounced From Their Daughter 1st Birthday???

Sophie Momodu
The NetNg is reporting that Sophie Momodu was bounced from her daughter, Imade Adeleke's 1st birthday. The party that took place at Davido's father's home in Lekki, on Sunday May 15. According to their report she was allowed a mother/daughter time with her daughter on her actual birthday, Saturday May 14.

The party was attended by some Nigeria A-List celebrities like Tiwa Savage, P-Square, etc

Sunday, 15 May 2016

Azealia Banks Apologises For Her Racial Slurs At Zayn Malik

The singer that is known for a frequent twitter war of words got kicked off the platform following her racial slurs to British singer Zayn Malik.

Just before her run-ins with Zayn Malik the 24-year-old traded insults with 14-year-old Disney star, Skai Jackson. She hit the final straw of the world when she called Zayn's mother a refugee that will not be granted asylum.

Saturday, 14 May 2016

Photo Of Ice Prince Zamani On The Plane Chilling With Nigeria Youngest Head Of State In History

Ice Prince Zamani was pictured on the plane sitting next to the youngest Nigeria Head of state in history, Yakubu Gowon, he was 32 when he took office. Surprisingly the pair also share the same tribe, Angas, a minority tribe from Plateau State, Nigeria.

The picture after the cut.

Is Davido's Hype Man, Special Ed A Glutton Or Food Is Just His Medical Prescription

The HKN very own loves one thing that he's proud to show off; FOOD!! After seeing his snap stories for a bit something seem to be of regular feature: FOOD! We began to wonder if there is any glutton like him online. Let us know if you find anyone.

He likes assorted food and he's very good at picking exactly what he craves. Unlike many of us that struggle to decide on what we want to munch -shout-out to all the indecisive longer throat. He doesn't have that problem, he comes THRU strong in that aspect. The talented glutton and 'Coming Thru' originator is conscious of his food selections too, and he's usually happy and excited about his final choices, be it breakfast, lunch or dinner, he shows it off with finesse. 

His un-satisfiable consistent hunger made him order an ISIS style of killing on a poor chicken which whom him and his certain friend, Kingsley went on to enjoy possibly as snack or dessert. 

Before we forget Davido once shared a video where he caught Special ED and he jokingly added that all he knows is food and sleep. Homey has definitely come THRU strong to validate Davido's joke, whether joke or not. 

Enjoy some of his food gallery just that you wouldn't as much as he did. loool

Simple Analysis Of Why Nigerians Must Accept Subsidy Removal. A MUST READ!!

When the immediate past administration attempted to remove fuel subsidy Nigerians took to the streets to protest the decision, boisterously demanding for the installation of our only social benefit, oil subsidy. Even the opposition used the opportunity to their advantage to score some political points.

If we take it back a bit more, Olusegun Obasanjo's administration too tried to snatch the subsidy too but Nigerians repelled it, the then government had no choice but to lower it to sustainable level. I welcome the subsidy idea but I regrettably agree that it must completely go this time. Nigeria is broke, we can't afford it anymore.

I will keep my analysis very simple so an average person can fully read and understand the oil subsidy removal brouhaha. I will not play with any statistics, It will be straight to the points.

Friday, 13 May 2016

2nd Auction Site Removes George Zimmerman Gun Listing That He Used To Shot And Kill Trayvon Martin

George Zimmerman deem it responsible and insensitive to boldly list a gun he used to shot and kill a teenager four years ago. The acquitted murderer listed the gun as the 'weapon he used to defend his life' four years ago. He didn't add that the incident led to the death of a young boy four years ago, I guess he assumed we all know by now. Anyway he decided to cash in on the sad incident but all his effort has been abortive. Thanks to morally conscious businesses that he tried to used.

Close-Up Pictures Of Davido's $100K Diamond Encrusted Rolex

"Gbedu dey pay" according to the Damiduro singer. Except you live in a cave you will know about Davido acquisition of a Rolex watch that he then went on customise by encrusting diamond costing him a total sum of $100,000 according to his declaration on snapchat. We got close-up pictures of the watch.

Serena Williams Eats Dog Food Then Got Sick Afterwards

Just before her match that propelled her to the quarter final of the Italian open. The talented tennis player in a video snapchat video tried "a spoonful" of dog food. She felt ill after the adventurous move but went on to beat fellow American Christina McHale.

"I thought 'what the heck, I'm gonna try a piece, it looks good'," she said.

Bola Tinubu Calls Subsidy Removal Courageous And Congratulates Buhari

APC chieftain and former Lagos State governor, Bola Ahmed Tinubu believes the government fuel subsidy removal is a courageous move that will help put an end to enormous fraud that's being perpetrated by some predators that's only getting richer off the social benefit program.
Former governor of Lagos, Bola Ahmed Tinubu has expressed his immense support for President Buhari’s decision to remove the fuel subsidy.
In a statement released on Thursday in Lagos, Jagaban said that the Buhari administration made a prudent decision in the removal of the fuel subsidy. The statement read;

Fantastically Inhumane: A US Poultry Denied Workers Toilet Breaks So They Result To Wearing Diapers To Work.

Workers in plants run by the largest U.S. poultry producers are regularly being denied bathroom breaks and as a result some are reduced to wearing diapers while working on the processing line, Oxfam America said in a report Wednesday.

We May Just Have Found The Father Of The Year. See The Reason Why This Father Walked Away From His $13 Million Salary Job

Adam LaRoche
Adam LaRoche is an American Baseball player until recently when he retired disruptively. He played for Chicago White Sox up until his retirement over a surprising reason or rather a rare one.  He stood by what he believes all the way, not even money could change his mind.

Thursday, 12 May 2016

Sinkhole Partially Swallows Man's Car In South London

 A seven-seater Vauxhall Zafira was left on the road in Greenwich, South London by Ghazi Hassan, who was visiting his brother on Wednesday night.

Mr Ghazi’s brother, Abdul Ahmadzai, said: ‘He left it here last night after he came round with his wife. He’s on his way here now.’

Mr Ahmadzai added: ‘I woke up very surprised. The police were here about 4am so I came outside and saw the car – they said it was in a hole. I thought “There’s nothing I can do” and went back to sleep.

The Federal Ministry of Petroleum Resources Answer 13 FAQ Following Fuel Subsidy Removal

Emmanuel Ibe Kachikwu: The Minister of State, Petroleum Resources and Group Managing Director, Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation.

The Federal Ministry of Petroleum Resources has prepared a factsheet that tries to answer all our questions on the new price of petrol in Nigeria: Top 13 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1.What is the benefit of the new price regime to Nigerians?

This government is elected to serve the people and provide benefits to all. The new pricing regime brings the following benefits:
Solves the recurrent fuel scarcity crisis by ensuring availability of products at all locations of the country

25% Of Pregnancies Terminated

New study according to BBC suggests that 25% of pregnancies is terminated. The study suggests women should use 
contraceptives which is much safer and cost effective option to abortion which can be unsafe and dangerous. Scientists say the annual number of abortions worldwide increased from 50 million a year between 1990-1994 to 56 million a year between 2010-2014.

The rise in numbers is mostly seen in the developing world - driven in part by population growth and by a desire for smaller families. Read full Story here

This Picture Might Be The Reason Why Teebillz Thinks He Picked Tiwa Savage From Gutter

Sassy and classy Tiwa Savage may have suffered constant reminder of his past from the hands of her estranged husband because of this picture. Her cheek though, chubby things. lol

Nigerian Man Cleared Of Rape After A Woman Accused Him Of Rape After A Drunk Night Out

This story is an unusual story that one can't differently understand, but just wrap your head around it one way or the other. There are two sides to every story as it is in this case. And I will add that NEVER EVER hook up with a drunk chick, your chances of going to jail afterwards is 95%. 

The story...

According to Miss x, 21, a shop keeper account of the incident, Sam Obeghe raped her in his apartment after a night out in December 2014 in Bolton, UK. Miss X and her friend met Sam and Zack Garrigan on a night out, Miss X agreed to come back to Sam's apartment after the night out. Zack and Miss X got it off by kissing when they got to Sam's apartment and headed to his room.

 Zack and her didn't have sex she fell asleep as Zack left the room to look for viagra. She was then subsequently woken up by Sam and then they had sex. Miss X in the middle of the intercourse said Zack's name, Sam realise she thought she was sleeping with someone else and stopped.

Saturday, 23 April 2016

VIDEO: Birdman Walks Out On Breakfast Club Power 105.1 In The Middle Of An Interview

The Cash Money CEO broke a record when he walk out of his interview with the Breakfast Club, the interview lasted approximately 2:27 Minutes. He started the interview off by warning the three OAPs (DJ Envy, Angela Yee and Charlamagne Tha God) -"Ya ready, I wanna start this shit of by telling all three of ya stop playing with my name, stop playing with my f&cken name, when my name come up respect it, all three of ya". 

Friday, 22 April 2016

Music: Remembering Dagrin Six Years On

It will be 6 years tomorrow, 23 April, 2016 that music industry and Nigeria lost a rare talent, Oladapo Olaitan Olaonipekun, popularly known as Dagrin. The rapper died at an hospital in Lagos after a fatal accident. He died at the peak of his career. 

The last song the rapper recorded - 'If I die', he indirectly predicted his death on the song and he urge people not to cry for him when he passes. However, his death was just too painful that everyone was teary. May his Soul continue to rest in perfect peace.

VIDEO: Beyonce Is My Biological Daughter, Woman Cries For Help.

A South African woman is crying out for help, for the recovery of her daughter, American mega superstar, Beyonce. She wants Beyonce to contact her because they have issues to speak about. The said lady added that she had Beyonce in Durban, South Africa in 1984 but gave her out to a visiting American couple just so she can have a better life in America and more importantly escape the apartheid in South Africa then. 

I was surprised when I saw Beyonce On TV that her name had been changed from Busisiwe to Beyonce, she added.

Please continue lol!!

Friday, 8 April 2016

Meet Indianapolis Rapper Mike Eazy B Eazy That's Dating Two Sisters At The Same Time

Check out these lot. They are in a romantic relationship or trilationship, if there is a word like that. The rapper is boning two sisters at the same time, strippers/Dancers Bubblez Cold and Morocca. They use to be three, maybe times are hard he had to let one go. Even the interviewer was so curious to find out how their relationship works just like every normal person. He didn't want to describe their relationship as weird, which is what it is, instead he went with 'interesting, unique situation'.

Honestly though have seen something like this before. I remember a National Union Of Road Transport Worker (NURTW) guy, i forgot his name  now, he was married to twins sisters at the same time. This was many years ago like 18 years ago if am not mistaking. The bloke was based in Obalende, Lagos. Anyone remember him? 

Video of their interview after the cut.

Ayodele The Unilag Student That Graduated With Record Breaking CGPA of 5.0 Just Got A Gift

Iniobong Akpabio and Scholar Ayodele Dada
The student that graduated with record breaking Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) from University Of Lagos was given a Samsung S7, personalised phone number and airtime for 2016. It was presented to him by Samsung retail manager, Iniobong Akpabio.

Thanks to Samsung/MTN for the lovely gift. But I still believe this scholar deserve way better that what he has gotten so far. His academic performance hasn't really land him any benefit to encourage other scholars to continue on their path. I mean this is a lad that achieved what hasn't been achieved in the 54-years of University Of Lagos existence.

To the best of our knowledge so far he has gotten an invite to the Senate, he got away with a piece of advise i.e avoid alcohol, and becareful of women; Samsung S7 with 12 months airtime and According to Kemi Filani, Dr. Sunny Kuku on behalf the Unilag Alumini awarded Ayodele Dada, a sum of N 500, 000. For all that years of hard work?? Where is the employment offer? Nigerians don't celebrate merit as much! 

Thursday, 7 April 2016

The Cause Of Nomoreloss Death Revealed

When the news of the death of Olumuyiwa Osinuga aka Nomorelos broke many of us were hit by surprise. The man is young and vibrant, too soon for him to pass. Soon after tongues start to move about the cause of his death. Nobody knows the real cause until now. 

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

You Think Racism Is Lifeless? Think Again. See What A Black University Student Found Written On Her Bananas

One Miss Faramade Ifaturoti, a Biomedical Science student at  University of Warwick, England got into her dome to find some racial slurs written on her bananas. She took to social media to report the issue to her University without any response from them until the story took off online.

She tweeted at the Uni the message below and attached the picture above..

Just entered the kitchen and look at what one of my flatmates has done. I am extremely disgusted @WarwickAccomm