Friday, 15 May 2015

A Gay Couple Thinks The Name Of Their Road 'Bangays Way' Is Homophobic And They Want It Changed

Mike, the chairman of borough green parish council
This is not the joke of the century or an excerpt from a movie, this is real, and it's happening in Kent, England (The Garden Of England).  A gay couple, Philip and Ian Tucker thinks the name of their road 'Bangays Way' is homophobic and they want the road renamed. The case is on going with Borough Green Parish Council.

Even though the road is named after a late local historian and a very popular person in the locality 'Frank Bangay', the gay couple are still trying to fight the name change. One of Frank Bangay's children, Ian Bangay said to ITV that they have faith in the people of the locality to fight the fight
“For some reason a villager has expressed the view that the name Bangays Way may be taken as homophobic.

While he may perceive things in this way, this seems perhaps overly sensitive and I would have faith in the people of Borough Green to see it as it is meant, simply a tribute to a man who dedicated his life to the area, without any other overtones.”
Some says just an apostrophe in-between y and s will solve the problem and some says the couple are just overly sensitive. What do you think about this palaver!