Saturday, 16 May 2015

Age Is Just A Number - Kenya Socialite, Corazon Kwamboka, Defends Adams Oshiomole's Marriage.

Yesterday Nigerian comedian Wale Gate, who is a loser by the way, instigated the attack on the governor's new marital life. He said "Ladies Do well in school, make money or else anything will climb you....." don't panic though twitter goons have dealt with him, they launched words attack on him, he didn't survive.

Anyway his little dumb comment paved way for some dumb-nut like him to attack the governor, stating that Iara Fortez may have got with the governor because of money, that's what got Corazon to jump in and defend the new marriage.

Love has no limits. Age is just a number. Who are you to judge who another chooses to love? So it's okay to fall in love with a servant but wrong to fall in love with the king you are a gold digger? Rich pple also need love and so do old pple. #oshiomole #amout. Broke niggas will be hating, don't hate just hustle harder so that when you are old and wrinkled a young mama will fall in love with u.