Friday, 15 May 2015

Battle Of The Titans: Omotola Vs The Trekkers!

Omotola didn't hold back her feelings about the political trekkers. She called them out on social media with few words.
Silly youths trekking their futures way. You don't trek to bring awareness to your suffering plights but trek to celebrate politicians? Smh!
One of the trekkers, Oladele Nihi, replied to the actress' criticism with some more explanation of the inspiration behind his endeavour. Nihi with Gloria are walking for Goodluck Jonathan, from Abuja to Bayelsa.

Quite a lot of people feels Omotola was wrong. Contrary to her conclusion that the trekkers her jobless, Nihi is happily married, and expecting his second kid with his wife. He lives in a nice house and own a car, according to him.

Nihi's family picture and reply after the cut.

1. Initially I count it a waste responding to Omotalo @Realomosexy but I think I can spare few minutes for her #TrekForGEJ Cc @Gloria_speaks

2. My official Response to a tweet credited to Omotola @Realomosexy calling trekkers names #TrekForGEJ
3. It's Interesting this is coming from you but I can't remember seeing you rated as the Richest Woman in the world or Nigeria #TrekForGEJ

4. Whatever @Realomosexy have or do today in your self acclaim wealth, is a sign of poverty to some persons #TrekForGEJ Cc @Gloria_speaks
5. Am happily married, expecting my 2nd baby, living in a gud apartment & drives a gud car.
Trekking for PGEJ because he truly Deserves it
6. If you @Realomosexy thinks trekking for GEJ is 'Silly & Sign of Poverty', relocate to Burundi & have a feel of what GEJ averted in 9ja

The Nihis