Monday, 18 May 2015

British Police Seize £160,000 Bentley Of Premier League Footballer

Newcastle player, Papiss Cisse, had his 160k Bentley taken off him by British police for motoring offences. Not a lot of good things are happening to the player in recent times. He was recently banned for 7 matches over a spitting incident.

Police spokesperson had this to say; At 1.30pm on Thursday a vehicle was uplifted for road traffic offences in Edge Hill Road, Darras Hall.

He was made to walk home after his car was taken off him. Details of his offences are not known at this time. Normally when this type of scene happens in the U.K, you are most likely to pay a fine and car storage fee for the car whilst in police custody which may run into hundreds of pounds. Picture of him walking home after the cut.