Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Natalie Nunn Brags About Shutting Down The Website That Reported Her Alleged Adultery After They Refused Her 50K Offer

The Shade room is the website that broke the allege Natalie Nunn's  affair with a Nigerian billionaire. Natalie Nunn is a reality TV star on Bad Girls Club. She happens to be more popular than her counterpart because of her extreme but intriguing bad girl ways, but she's married now. She has even been to Nigeria, few years ago.

I didn't report the story of her allege affair because it was mediatakeout that was widely believed to have broken the story. Being that MTO delivers a lot of garbage sometimes I decided to pass on it. But then I dug deeper to see if there is any truth to it.  Below is what I found......

The allege guy; one can't verify if he's a billionaire but he's certainly Nigerian. Natalie and him partied in Miami and the  DJ was shouting out the guy and his crew all night 'The Nigerian big boys, the Nigerian big boys'  When a eye witness took a picture (above) of her dancing with the allege billionaire, she was screaming no no and making no no gesture with her hand.  She was in a compromised position with the guy that night, a position that suggests intimate relationship without a shadow of doubt.

This bit is what totally convince me that Natalie might be guilty of the allegation even though she has publicly denied it, she publicly implicated herself at the same. The Shade Room's instagram account was deleted by instagram, though it has been restored now but with a different name. Instagram apologised for the shutdown, they attribute their action to an error that was quickly rectified once they realise it.

Natalie Nunn on the other hand was bragging to have been responsible for the shutdown, stating that that's what you get when you write a story about someone and turn down their $50K offer to delete it.

This is my logic, The Western world is place with rigid justice system. Why offer The shade room 50K if the story is false, what happened to sue! Natalie may have something to hide after all!