Wednesday, 25 November 2015

500 Nigerians Deported After Nigeria High Commission Came Under Pressure By The Home Office

Amidst controversy that the UK have no legal right to deport Nigerians because of the two country's relationship and an agreement signed many years ago. The UK government went ahead to bundle some 500 Nigerians on the plane to be deported to Nigeria. These deportees have arrive Nigeria.

We all know the conservative government is doing all they could to increase deportation. Nigeria High Commission London have express that they are under immense pressure from the Home Office to help them facilitate the deportation of some 29,000 illegal immigrants believed to be Nigerians. 
Some of whom are not Nigerians, some have outstanding immigration legal proceedings, some with no ties to Nigeria, some have been here for decades and some are not fit to fly, Mr Olukunle Akindele Bamgbose, acting high commissioner to the UK added. 

The Nigeria Commission have released a statement in response to the accusation that they are helping the UK government facilitate xenophobic attack. Read the press statement of the The Nigeria High Commission London here

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