Monday, 7 December 2015

Femi Falana Reveal Why He Wasn't Made A Minister By Buhari

We all know Femi Falana, Great Ife Alumni, father of singer Falz Bad Guy and most importantly human right lawyer/activist. The corruption free solicitor believes he didn't make the cut for some reasons which include differences in ideology between him and some people around President Buhari.
“I was actually contacted. I was actually invited to come on board. It took me appreciable time to make up my mind. Along the way, I was made to understand there were people who were opposed to my appointment for ideological reasons. For me, it would have been a call to service, not to make money.
Those who believed that I should mobilize people to put in a word for me, or wanted me to speak to somebody I fought on principle several years ago were, of course, disappointed. This guy actually headed one of the universities at a time students were killed. I had to support the students’ cause at that time. You don’t then expect me to go to him and swallow my vomit. This is what I mean by the ideological price."he said

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