Tuesday, 5 January 2016

The 4-Year-Old Kid In New ISIS Video Is My Grandson, Says Nigerian Man

The 4-year-old appear at the end of the new video of ISIS pointing at open land saying, that's where we will kill disbelievers. In the beginning of the video
r 5 executioners shot and killed 5 alleged British spies. The spies where made to knee down in an orange jumpsuit before they were shot and killed in close range from behind. One of the all male executioners who spoke in British accent threatened British Prime Minister, David Cameron before carrying out the barbaric act with his pairs.

A London taxi driver has said that he is the grandfather of the young child shown speaking in the latest sick Isis video from Syria. Nigerian-born Henry Dare is the father of Grace "Khadijah" Dare, a Christian convert from Lewisham, who converted to Islam in around 2012. She took her son Isa on moving to Syria to marry Swedish militant Abu Bakr, who was later killed.

Henry Dare told Channel 4 News he had not seen his grandson Isa for over three years and was surprised and disappointed to see him in the video, which shows the killing of five Syrians by five IS thugs including one with an English accent. Asked whether his grandson knew what he was doing Henry said: "No, he's a kid, he's a minor. He's under five. He's acting under the influence of the IS leaders.

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