Friday, 8 January 2016

This Celebrity First Sexual Encounter Was A Hole He Made In The Wall, Find Out Who He Is

Most of you may not know Charlamagne Tha god. He's a popular American radio personality in New York on Power 105.1 FM. He's one of the OAP of the The Breakfast Club. This man doesn't know how to be politically correct and he is known for giving 0 F for your feelings. He doesn't know how to sugar-coat either, ask Kanye West (he made him rant), Cassie and Lil Mama (he mad her cry) among others. He dishes it how it sees it.

This is the Ssip, he recently made a trip to his old neighbourhood where he grew up to recount his time there as a kid. He grew up in a white trailer home in South Carolina, during his tour round his dilapidated childhood trailer home,, he shared his first sexual encounter with us, and it was a Hole in the wall. "I was a horny kid, I made a hole in the wall so I can put my penis in it, and I know yall might say why don't I wank, I didn't know what a wank is then" he said.

The Trailer he grew-up in

He found a Bible in the abandoned home

Charlamagne Tha god
Nigerian rapper, Ice Prince On Breakfast Club

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