Friday, 5 February 2016

ASOS Wants To Sell You A Slave T-Shirt Even Modeled By A Black Model

British online retailer, As Seen On Screen, ASOS got into hot water when some customers saw an advertisement of a t-shirt with the word SLAVE boldly written across the front of it. ASOS was dragged online and accused for the obvious, racism! But they didn't leave it too long before they responded.

First they deleted the stock on their website and gave an explanation as to what happened which does make sense if you ask me. The t-shirt was posted on their marketplace, the marketplace is where independent sellers list their stocks. ASOS gets 20% commission on every sale in addition to a £20 monthly subscription fee. The t-shirt wasn't on ASOS actual website. People's argument was why did ASOS approve the advert in the first place.

Honestly ASOS have little to no blame on this issue. The person that I see as an idiot and ignorant in this is the black model that proudly modeled a clothing line that mock him and spit on the adversity his ancestors went through. Stay in school guys or make reading one of your hobbies. smh

Even the label that accept they were stupid with this design. Their statement after the cut

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