Friday, 5 February 2016

Emmanuel Adebayor Dedicates First New Club Jersey To His Adopted Dwarf Homeboy

Footballer Emmanuel Adebayor has been jobless since he parted ways with his former club, Tottenham. Though he still gets paid, and he will up until June 2016 I believe. Anyway he just signed the dotted lines for Crystal Palace and he dedicated his first jersey to Pako, his adopted homey.

Adebayor wrote.

SEA, this first jersey is dedicated to a guy who was there for me during the hard times [@pako_228]. He made me laugh even when I didn't want to laugh. One day, I was sitting by myself in the living room. He came to me and asked how I was feeling. I said "I was chilling" Immediately he tried to put his hand on my shoulder. But he couldn't reach 😂 And he said this : "I know what is going through your mind, but you are a strong man. You will get over this. You will go out there soon and do your thing again." I don't even know how to thank this guy @pako_228
God bless Adebayor for the life he has given Pako! I have been wanting to talk about Pako for a bit but I was unable to accumulate much info about him. Pako dwarf that Adebayor met on the streets of Togo, he adopted him and he now lives with him in his Togo mansion. Adebayor and Pako shares really fun time together back in Togo as we can always see on his snap.

More pictures of Pako after the cut

Pako and Adebayor dancing to Ghetto story by Baby Cham

Fun time: Pako and Adebayor at home in Togo

Adebayor and Pako hanging out in Sunny Togo

Pako sitting on top of Adebayor's G-Wagon

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