Thursday, 10 March 2016

French Man Who Took Off With His Son Without His Mother Consent Wants 5 Million Naira

The picture above is the picture of Xavier. His mothered by a Nigerian woman and a French father. His father abducted him about a while back according to the facebook page set up for this case awareness.

Xavier's father has been in touch and he's asking for 5 Million Naira for damages. The case is vaguely sketchy but below is the latest from Xavier's mother.

Minute turned to hours, hours turned days, days turn weeks, weeks to a month­čś× it breaks my heart that I haven't seen or heard from my son for over a month. It's a shame that this is happening in my own country, on my soil.sometimes I wonder how many more women are out there, going through desame thing. Someone I spoke to recently, said I shd have reported him to National human rights commission a long time ago. Well, for the record. I reported franck women's right in Dec 2011.then ministry of foreign affairs in 2013,till this day, I haven't heard from them. Then human rights in 2014,case is still pending. So tell me what haven't I done so far!! My story was posted on alot of blogs and even punch newspaper...but it looks like alot of people just see it as entertainment news, cos if this happened in another country, with all the press that carried this story, I definitely would have seen my son by now..I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your support and prayers. May God bless you all and grant you all that your heart desires! Please keep praying with thing I know for sure I will keep fighting till justice is served. I will never give up on my Lil classic man. WORDS CAN'T DESCRIBE HOW AM FEELING, NOT KNOWING WHERE MY SON IS AND HOW HE IS DOING. I MISS HIM SO MUCH, AND A PART OF ME LEFT WITH HIM, THE DAY HE WAS TAKEN AWAY FROM ME.

Xavier Dad's

March 2016 Xavier mother wrote...

Just found out that, he asked for full custody of xavier and 5 million naira for damages... how desperate can one be. I found it really funny, cos today his lawyer was saying am too poor to take care of xavier, franck has more money then I do, and infact he has enrolled him in (french) a school of 1.5million naira bla bla bla. First of all, I know the French school fees is not up to that amount and it's even cheaper for French passport holders. Secondly I may not be as RICH as u claim to be, but i have and will always be a good mother to my boys!! Where were you when I was caring for him on my own, where where u when I was his mom/dad at desame time. Just so u know, MONEY cant buy Love, cos love is PRICELESS!!

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