Monday, 28 March 2016

Music Producer Scott Storch Admits He Slept With Kim Kardashian, And Discusses Being In The Studio With Kanye West

Kim Kardashian and Scott Storch

One time hottest hip-hop music producer, Scott Storch in an interview with Vlad TV admitted he had a thing with Kim Kardashian many years ago. Scott Storch was a hitmaker in the early 2000s, he produced numberous hits like Naughty girl by Beyonce (2003), Terror Squad - Lean Back (2004), 50 Cent - Just A Lil Bit (2005), Mario - Let Me Love You (2004) Chris Brown - Run it (2005), Memphis Bleek f/ Jay Z and Beanie Sigel "Murda Murda” (2003). The list goes on.  And oh did I mention that he's Lil Kim's ex?

He was making money back then, and he lived the life. He was hot back then so much that he stood-up singer Janet Jackson for 5 hours.

Vlad: You did magazine interview at one point you mention you know Kim Kardashian, and how she was amazing.

Scott Storch: She was a good friend, she was good people. 
Vlad: Was she more than friend
Scott Storch: Yes, many many year ago. You know I don't want to choose to talk about stuff like that like it was yesterday.

Full interview after the cut where he discussed his recent studio session with Kanye West.

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