Tuesday, 1 March 2016

See The Reason Why This Woman Wants To Divorce Her Husband

Below is how the story was shared online. The woman is in tight corner if you ask me. Nobody likes change even if it is mandatory let alone incessant change like this story.

A friend is in the situation described below:

Lived in Lagos until 2006
Got married in 2005 in Owerri.
Moved wife from Owerri (she was working there) to Lagos in 2005.
Moved wife from Lagos to Holland (2006-2008). He was studying for MSc; she could not work 
Moved wife from Holland to UK (2008 - 2012). Obtained his PhD while wife did some okay paying, although not so great jobs.

Moved wife from UK to Minnesota, USA (he got a job with a sponsored H1 Visa) in 2012; but wife could not work with her H4 visa
Became a Green Card holder with wife in 2014. Wife started working and settling down in Minnesota.
Then he goes for a bigger job in Pennsylvania; moves wife along to Pittsburgh in 2015. Wife took several months to get a job because she is not as educationally advanced as hubby.
Now he wants to move to Washington, DC, for even a much bigger job. Wife says ''no way. This is becoming crazy. I have a life too''. I'd rather divorce than move this time''.

What do you think he should do?

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