Saturday, 12 March 2016

VIDEO: Wendy Williams Says Her Son Once Walked In On Her Giving Her Husband Head!

Wendy Williams The Talk show host that goes in on anyone for anything revealed some shocking incident in her home. She was on Conan show where she was ask about what she's like as a mother. She mention that in her house they don't practice the be in your room and close the door policy. Doors are always open, they clear throat to tell the other person as they approach their room.

Their open door policy soon backfire when their 13-year-old son now 15 walked in on her in the middle of her favour to her husband at 2am, is 2am the young man forgot to clear his throat, Ouch Wendy! Naughty Wendy didn't even stop she continued -She added "But the next day he was going out with some of his friends, and he usually leave the house with a hug and a kiss, he hug but he wouldn't kiss me"  looool 

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