Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Man Thinks His Wife Is Cheating Or Have Something To Hide, Read His Story!

A Nairaland user is asking the forum for advise regarding his marriage. He suspects his wife is cheating on him. Read his story and give your advise if you have one. 

Great Nairalanders, i know you people are exceptional in giving good advice to people because i have been following this tread for some time. Though i am new.

i am suspecting that my lovely wife is cheating on me. The reason is that, each time i want to go through her phone, she picks up a fight. Whenever i want to use it for something else, that would be the time she will want to use it. I feel she is hiding
something from me but i really want to get an evidence so that i could confront her. Most of the time when she is chatting with someone on phone, she hides the conversation. i wonder why? 
Pls great nairalanders, what do i do in this situation? I don't want to confront her yet because i don't hv a proof.
Please no insult. 

Thank you

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