Friday, 8 April 2016

Meet Indianapolis Rapper Mike Eazy B Eazy That's Dating Two Sisters At The Same Time

Check out these lot. They are in a romantic relationship or trilationship, if there is a word like that. The rapper is boning two sisters at the same time, strippers/Dancers Bubblez Cold and Morocca. They use to be three, maybe times are hard he had to let one go. Even the interviewer was so curious to find out how their relationship works just like every normal person. He didn't want to describe their relationship as weird, which is what it is, instead he went with 'interesting, unique situation'.

Honestly though have seen something like this before. I remember a National Union Of Road Transport Worker (NURTW) guy, i forgot his name  now, he was married to twins sisters at the same time. This was many years ago like 18 years ago if am not mistaking. The bloke was based in Obalende, Lagos. Anyone remember him? 

Video of their interview after the cut.

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