Friday, 22 April 2016

VIDEO: Beyonce Is My Biological Daughter, Woman Cries For Help.

A South African woman is crying out for help, for the recovery of her daughter, American mega superstar, Beyonce. She wants Beyonce to contact her because they have issues to speak about. The said lady added that she had Beyonce in Durban, South Africa in 1984 but gave her out to a visiting American couple just so she can have a better life in America and more importantly escape the apartheid in South Africa then. 

I was surprised when I saw Beyonce On TV that her name had been changed from Busisiwe to Beyonce, she added.

Please continue lol!!

Her claim have been up for debate online. One YouTube user said.

let me tell u something lady1: Beyonce don't look like you 2: she don't need to change her name 3: she look like Tina Knowles 4: Beyonce was not a black baby sorry 5: lady you must be crazy 6: how did she get a sister that just like her 7: again i say lady are you crazy
Another Youtube user have different opinion. 
I wonder how some people think. just bcoz Beyonce is in the US and this poor woman is in South Africa does not mean she is not her mother. Beyonce is BLACK. Most South Africans look like "white" but not. Beyonce go back to your roots. drop your pride if this woman is really your mother you came from her. If she had aborted u, u wouldn't be here. Anyone challenging this lady should show us Beyonce ' s real mother and her hospital records, where she was birthed

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