Saturday, 14 May 2016

Is Davido's Hype Man, Special Ed A Glutton Or Food Is Just His Medical Prescription

The HKN very own loves one thing that he's proud to show off; FOOD!! After seeing his snap stories for a bit something seem to be of regular feature: FOOD! We began to wonder if there is any glutton like him online. Let us know if you find anyone.

He likes assorted food and he's very good at picking exactly what he craves. Unlike many of us that struggle to decide on what we want to munch -shout-out to all the indecisive longer throat. He doesn't have that problem, he comes THRU strong in that aspect. The talented glutton and 'Coming Thru' originator is conscious of his food selections too, and he's usually happy and excited about his final choices, be it breakfast, lunch or dinner, he shows it off with finesse. 

His un-satisfiable consistent hunger made him order an ISIS style of killing on a poor chicken which whom him and his certain friend, Kingsley went on to enjoy possibly as snack or dessert. 

Before we forget Davido once shared a video where he caught Special ED and he jokingly added that all he knows is food and sleep. Homey has definitely come THRU strong to validate Davido's joke, whether joke or not. 

Enjoy some of his food gallery just that you wouldn't as much as he did. loool

Special Ed possibly smirking upon sighting fried chicken

Special Ed poses for a picture with Olamide possibly after a discussion on how his 'Coming Thru' royalties will be used to fund his prescription (this pic is old tho lol)

Photo Credit: Special Ed Snapchat

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