Thursday, 12 May 2016

Nigerian Man Cleared Of Rape After A Woman Accused Him Of Rape After A Drunk Night Out

This story is an unusual story that one can't differently understand, but just wrap your head around it one way or the other. There are two sides to every story as it is in this case. And I will add that NEVER EVER hook up with a drunk chick, your chances of going to jail afterwards is 95%. 

The story...

According to Miss x, 21, a shop keeper account of the incident, Sam Obeghe raped her in his apartment after a night out in December 2014 in Bolton, UK. Miss X and her friend met Sam and Zack Garrigan on a night out, Miss X agreed to come back to Sam's apartment after the night out. Zack and Miss X got it off by kissing when they got to Sam's apartment and headed to his room.

 Zack and her didn't have sex she fell asleep as Zack left the room to look for viagra. She was then subsequently woken up by Sam and then they had sex. Miss X in the middle of the intercourse said Zack's name, Sam realise she thought she was sleeping with someone else and stopped.

‘I thought this was Zack, I called his name four or five times. It went on for a couple of minutes until I put my hands through his hair and realised it was not Zack but Sam. I was screaming, “what are you doing?” and he ran out of the room. ‘I was embarrassed and ran out. Zack was asking what was wrong, I was just saying that I needed to get out.’ She said

Zack Garrigan

According to Mr Sam's account.

‘I could tell she was drunk – her and Zack were the same,’ he said. ‘Music was playing and they were kissing and then went into my bedroom. I sat there thinking “what have I done?” bringing them back here because I had work the next day.

‘I saw Zack coming out, first naked and I was saying, “come on I need to go to bed”.

‘I asked him, “Are you guys leaving?” but he was not really paying attention to what I was saying and I said, “I’m going to go and get her out”.

‘I walked into the bedroom, sat on the bed and started nudging the woman saying, “go and meet Zack in the living room”. At first I lay there thinking ‘finally I can go to bed’ but she grabbed me.

‘I was just thinking, “I didn’t really want to have sex with her”, but I’m a human being and if you get touched like that you have a motivation to move on. I figured she was probably very drunk. Then she grabbed me saying, “come on Zack” and I realised “she’s thinking I’m Zack” so I jumped off the bed and jumped out of the room.

‘I went into the living room and told Zack: “Man you will not believe what she’s just done”. Zack was sort of laughing and then I saw her storming out and she was screaming. I was in shock. I didn’t climb on top of her and kiss her.’

The Jury Verdict

Sam Obeghe was found not guilty after 27 minutes deliberation by the jury. 


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