Friday, 13 May 2016

Serena Williams Eats Dog Food Then Got Sick Afterwards

Just before her match that propelled her to the quarter final of the Italian open. The talented tennis player in a video snapchat video tried "a spoonful" of dog food. She felt ill after the adventurous move but went on to beat fellow American Christina McHale.

"I thought 'what the heck, I'm gonna try a piece, it looks good'," she said.

"Fast forward two hours, I just ran to the toilet like I thought I was going to pass out. It did taste weird. It tasted kind of like house cleaner."

"I force-swallowed it, said the 34-year-old American. "I don't know what they put in these dog foods, but Chip liked it.

"I don't think it's consumable for humans. They should have wrote that! So now I feel really sick. It was just a spoonful, but I don't feel so good."

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