Friday, 13 May 2016

We May Just Have Found The Father Of The Year. See The Reason Why This Father Walked Away From His $13 Million Salary Job

Adam LaRoche
Adam LaRoche is an American Baseball player until recently when he retired disruptively. He played for Chicago White Sox up until his retirement over a surprising reason or rather a rare one.  He stood by what he believes all the way, not even money could change his mind.

Adam LaRoche takes his 14-year-old son with him to work (club) every day. His son even have his locker, but he did carry out mania job for the team off and on pitch like cleaning the team's shoes and picking balls during games. LaRoche strongly believe that he needed his son by his side all the time mainly because he thinks he can learn more hanging out with him than he can ever learn at school. However, the club restricted his son access to the club house, and upon LaRoche failure to get the club to reverse its decision he resigned and retire from the sport. His resignation mean he walked away from his $13 Million a year job. He signed a 2 years 25 Million deal with the club in 2015.  The remainder of his contract was worth 13 Million. 

Do you think he made a mistake or he's a hero. Without forgetting to say I must admit that I admire his courage. 

LaRoche interview with ABC News..

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